Saturday, April 10, 2021 2021


I am pleased to announce my 1st Place win in a humor writing contest (family category) at I won a monetary prize and registration fees for the on-line humor conference and workshops. There were attendees from all over the globe. Despite the two hour time difference, it all worked out well. I read my piece at an after party. 

The lineup and conference was organized by Robb Lightfoot, an affable and knowledgeable emcee, humorist, and educator for forty years. He hosts a multi-disciplinary humor/creative community at

The lineup included many talented folks. 

John Vorhaus, author of The Comic Toolbox: How to be Funny Even if You’re Not.

Dave Fox,
an international traveler who discussed writing about travel catastrophies etc, for fun and profit. His background: Rick Steves’ television travel guru, writer. Check him out at

Humor coach, Judy Carter and panel of stand-up comics: Leighann Lord, and Brian Wetzel conference producer, who has been an opening act for George Lopez.

Songwriters Sara Hoxie and Leah Specher. Also Steve Vanzant of the Banana Blue Slug String Band.

John Ramirez, Disney story board artist and the animator of many Disney and Warner Bros films.

Great grandson Liam, age six, asked me all kinds of questions about Hercules! I faked the answers and showed him an illustration/photo of the hercules cell images. 

Dave Master, mentor and multi-talented animator, teacher and pay-it-forward advocate of fostering creative communities.

Agents and editors panel: Gordon Warnock, Savannah Brooks, and Andy Ross.

What a great lineup and terrific conference. I am grateful for the win and wish to thank Georgia Hubley, a Chicken Soup for the Soul writer who told me about the contest in the closing days. I didn’t think I had a chance.

Never say Never!


Pat Wahler said...

How exciting! Congratulations, Linda!

DUTA said...

Well done! Heartfelt Congratulations!

Val said...

Congrats! When I think of ThinkgingFunny, I think of you!

Kim said...

Sounds like you were in great company! Proud of your accomplishment!

Kathy G said...


Sioux Roslawski said...

Linda--Congratulations. You are a prolific writer. You're a persistent writer. You're a writer who doesn't give up... and you can see the humor in everyday life.

We knew you were #1 a long time ago. Congrats!

Red Rose Alley said...

That's great Linda! So happy for you. I've always thought that your stories had a bit of humor in them. I have written short stories about my childhood growing up for my kids to read and keep when they are older. Many of the stories had humor in them. I think those are the best kind. It is wonderful that you won 1st place in this writing contest. : )