Friday, April 30, 2021

Growing up

Kids don't need electronics... these hand-held devices (clip clothes pins) provided a challenging fun activity with many learning components and vocabulary words. Everything you do with children can be a learning experience. Alex and Charlie are strengthening all of their hand/finger muscles... not just their thumbs.

Our neighbors' garden is amazing. In a few short weeks we will not be able to see across the yard, as the Bosnian beans will climb, the Bell peppers and the tomato plants will rise, creating a small jungle for rabbits, field mice, chipmunks, and birds to forage in.

One of my fondest memories of Alex, who is standing behind Charlie, happened two years ago. I caught his little two-year-old hands inside the fence picking a green pepper and walking it hand-over-hand up the fence from the neighbor's side. He beamed with pride when he was able to grasp it with both hands and show me his treasure.


Kathy G said...

I've said it before, and I'll say it again, that the boys are incredibly fortunate who has a grandmother who can mentor them like you do.

DUTA said...

The boy's grasping of the pepper with his bare hands - a nice achievement, indeed.
Your mention of the clothes clip has reminded me of a rather unpleasant incident. I cut my finger and couldn't stop the blood flow with any known method. Finally, I did that in seconds, by using a clothes' clip. I felt quite proud of having come up with this strange but useful idea.

Kim said...

Good thing there's a fence, or he may have helped himself to all the crops. I know my daughter attempted that one summer. Luckily, we caught her mid-theft.

Susan said...

Hi Linda. The boys are so cute. They really are growing up quickly. I hope the neighbor shares some of his veggie garden bounty! Hugs. Susan

Val said...

I think you might have coined a new phrase: He's so dexterous he could pick a pepper through a chain-link fence.

Kathy's Klothesline said...

I love all the things you do with those lucky little boys. My grandmother would "let" me pin all the wash clothes on the fence on laundry day. A big event with a wringer washer and three tubs of water. Bet she had no idea she was teaching me anything. I just loved being with her and "helping".

Red Rose Alley said...

What a sweet story. There is nothing like a garden. My Dad used to have one across the street from our house growing up, and I would go over there and help him water and just talk about things. Home grown tomatoes are the best.
This is a cute picture of Alex and Charlie, and it's cute that they are wearing the same colors. Yes, children find pleasure in the most simple things. A garden is pure and simple, with nature providing us with food. How wonderful is that?

Happy month of May, Linda.