Monday, April 25, 2022

Is she or is she not a friend?

Whenever I read something aloud from my phone, my dear husband has a habit of asking WHO's that?

I have told him so many times, "I don't know. Just a friend."
He then quizzes me about FRIENDS I don't know.

I've tried telling him their names, but then he asks how WE know them. It gets to be a real Who's On 1st.

Finally I say, "They are Facebook friends, and YOU do not know them. They're from the WWW."
First time I said that he thought I meant World Wide Wrestling.

Anyway, it was a pleasure to actually hear my FB friends' voices and and see them on screen. 

Last week I participated in a ZOOM meeting with Amy Newmark, Editor-in-Chief of Chicken Soup for the Soul books. I also met D'ette Corona Executive, and Shelby Janner, publicist, folks I have interacted with for many years. This was in celebration of the Chicken Soup for the Soul, TOO FUNNY release. Looks like it is heading for the Best Seller's List! Yay!

It was a real thrill to hear and see many of the contributors. Several of the Chicken Soup writers and I share publishing credits for other books and magazines, and it is always a thrill when we find our names in the contributor's section of a new CSS book.

Each contributor had 90 seconds to do a biography and tell about their story in the Too Funny book. 
It was like being privy to a secret discovering how the story began. Nice to hear the voices and see the faces of the friends I  know, (but don't really KNOW.)  

I used to participate in monthly IN PERSON Open Mic meetings, but since the pandemic stopped that, I've missed my literary "friends."

By the way, if you are reading this, just know that I consider YOU a friend and I thank you for your readership.

Proceeds from the sale of MY contributor copies will be donated to Chef Andre`s World Kitchen, which was bombed and destroyed in Ukraine, but has since been reestablished elsewhere. Everytime I look at the CSS, Too Funny book, I imagine a Ukrainian having a bite to eat thanks indirectly to Chicken Soup for the Soul, LLC. Proof that one person CAN make a difference.



Red Rose Alley said...

That's so nice that the proceeds will be donated to the people in Ukraine. And wonderful that your story got in the CSS Too Funny release, and that you got to visit with friends on Facebook. Sounds like quite an accomplishment. And it will be helping out people who are in need at this time. Thank you for that.


Val said...

Congrats on being TOO FUNNY. I like finding out the story behind the story.

Susan said...

What a wonderful gesture to have the book proceeds help the Ukrainian people, Linda. I think of them and pray for them. Whenever a complaint starts to come out of my mouth about anything, I also think of them. Our lives are so blessed that it's not funny. You are a wonderful person and I am honored to have you as my dear blogland friend.I am so thankful to meet great people like you. Hugs. Susan

Kathy G said...

It's always nice to put faces to names. Maybe someday you can meet them in person!

Kim Lehnhoff said...

Your hubby is a hoot! I wonder how that meeting would have turned out with retired wrestlers?

Pat Wahler said...

How exciting. Congratulations!