Thursday, October 13, 2022

Nature's thrills

Autumn is my favorite season. I am in my glory, love the sights and smells of the changing season. Have energy! Even though I do not like or look forward to the shorter daylight hours, I love the majestic trees and thrill at the secrets that float through the back door on a breeze: someone is cooking cabbage. A pizza is in someone's oven, and I know who is going to have pumpkin pie or muffins for desert.
As the leaves let go, the sound of the freight train off in the distance, on it's predawn run, seems louder with fewer buffers to dull the rumble.  My imagination runs along those rail tracks from state to state imagining...

Alex and Charlie and I went to the park to crunch in leaves, look for colorful baby maple leaves, and sing songs to squirrels. 

They rode their trikes on downhill paths, one zooming out of sight and the other bellyaching it was too hard to peddle back. But they did, with a little help from me. We had fun, made memories, enjoyed the sun on our cheeks and the breeze in our hair. Ahhh, fall.

The boys posed for me, and I developed the photos of them "blowing" then pressed the leaves we collected between contact paper to preserve them. I can't get Alex's picture to post correctly, but it is equally as cute. 

Are the leaf colors peaking where you are?


Val said...

We have some nice yellow leaves, and a few small red bushes. I haven't seen any good orange colors yet. I'll have to check the big tree in town by the library and dead-mouse-smelling post office. After the gusty winds today, those leaves might be on the ground. I love the leafy "picture" you've created, and the description of fall that you painted in words!

Red Rose Alley said...

So glad you got to spend time in nature with the boys. Children need to get away from their routines and visit nature, which exudes so much goodness. What a cute picture of Charlie blowing with the pressed leaves.

It's a bit slow here with the colors changing in Autumn. But I am starting to see some changing colors on the trees lately.

Have a splendid week ahead. And that's special that you recognize all the food scents in the neighborhood around you. ; )


janet smart said...

Yes, we have many colorful trees in our area, and a lot of them are already upon the ground. Fall is also my favorite season, except for the shorter days. Those are cute trees that they made.