Tuesday, August 4, 2009


Torn between two loves...that was me last night. Ashley, my oldest granddaughter called and asked me to go with her, just as my son buzzed in and asked me to go with him and his family to Ted Drewes. Well, you know how it is, and you probably know what I chose. Ashley went to play volleyball with Bill, and I went to Ted Drewes. I am proud to say, I did not eat ice cream, but I fed one to Nicole. Her parents think I'm weird when I get so excited over her accomplishments. I took her pacifier (her be-be) out of her mouth and offered her ice cream; she made a sentence, "No! My be-be, Nana." I so enjoy her baby days. Just wait till this little girl can actually verbalize what she really thinks. There will be no holding her back.

Her brother, 7 year old, Nick is a fantastic story teller, but his stories border on lies.

Nick: "Nana, you should see me dive."
Me: "You can't dive in your pool; it's too shallow."
Nick:"I know I can't dive in my pool, but soon I will be able to. Dad wants to dig it out to six feet deep and make a diving board, and I'll do flips."
Me: "Did he say that?"
Nick: "Well, he might have; yeah, I think he did, so yeah."
Me: "I'm going to ask your dad."
Nick: "Go ahead."
Jason: "I never said that!"
Nick: "I'm just writing stories like Nana does. Will you help me write them down?"

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