Sunday, August 16, 2009

Weekend Leisure Drives

People are driving less. It was apparent when we sat outside Saturday evening. We used to make a game of guessing where each car was going by looking at the occupants. There are so few cars on our main road on weekends. I remember a time when people used to take Sunday drives. My grandma would say,"Let's go for a ride, and I'll put a couple dollars in the 'machine'." Now a couple dollars won't buy a gallon of gasoline.

My favorite Sunday drive when I was small was when my dad drove on a two lane road towards Jefferson City; it must have been Route 50. He would always point to a dilapidated house and tell me and my brother that it was where the three bears lived. He made that classic children's story come alive. My little brother and I used to crane our necks looking for Goldilocks and those bears.

I think we'll get in the machine, um, I mean car, and head where the wind takes us. I'm up for an adventure.

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