Tuesday, September 29, 2009


I had insomnia last night and was awake from 1-3:00 a.m., so I read. I know I should have been writing, but it would have been way too emotional stuff. My mind is heavy with angst about my daughter-in-law. I know how tied down I felt with one car when I was a mom with young children. I can only imagine how she must feel knowing that she will have to give up driving and be dependent upon others. I got to thinking about that book, Why Do Bad Things Happen to Good People? Then I read an essay in HOPE WHISPERS, edited by Lynn C. Johnston. It is an anthology of inspirational poems and stories in which one of my fiction stories appears. (Yes! I got fiction published on page 60.) Here's the gist of the essay that touched me: when bad or good things happen how do you view yourself, as a SPIRITUAL BEING having a human experience or a HUMAN BEING having a spirtual experience? I had to really think about that. How do you see it?

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BECKY said...

Linda, I know your heart and mind is so full of sadness and worry. I have no idea how I would handle something like that. I really like the parts of the essay you posted.....it DOES make a person think. After great thought...I think whether I experienced good or bad things, I would view myself as a Spiritual Being having a Human experience.