Sunday, October 4, 2009

Video Games, mine and theirs

We have two grandsons who we're going to call cavemen. They literally stay in their lower level rooms and play video games for hours on end. The good thing though, is they are also very physical boys and are involved in sports. But when we drop by either of their homes for a visit, and they are not outdoors playing, we know we'll find them in their "caves".

I attended a workshop fifteen years ago presented by a neurologist and therapist who demonstrated how a child who was hooked up to a computer (think EEG wires and pads attached to the head, not inserted) could actually move a cursor with thoughts, concentration, and brain waves instead of hands. I must admit it was amazing.

I am not against video games, but I do believe that many kids these days get more exercise in their thumbs than their bodies. My friend has a 13 year old autistic grandson, and over the years, after many therapies and special schools, they discovered the one thing that improved his behavior consistently was rewarding him with video game time. As a form of therapy/self-therapy, I suppose it is a good thing. The boys are intense when they play and are able to tune everything else out, but then again, I have a suspicion that all male brains have that capability. (grin) On a positive note, maybe it increases their focus.

I must admit, I act the fool when I occasionally play video games. Of course, mine reward me with, or rob me of my quarters.

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