Monday, November 30, 2009

Discovering Unexpected Treasures

This morning I have come to a realization. I now know why I get so much satisfaction from walking the beach. Not only do I feel invigorated, I feel excited when I find a treasure in the sea foam. I think this must be the way my dad, who was a handyman who also sold scrap metal, felt when he went "junking". When I was five, he would call me "the boss" and tell me I could ride up front with him in his pickup on Saturday mornings as he scouted the alleys. Later when I was about ten, he and I would walk early Saturday mornings along the gravel parking pad that ran the length of Continental Can Company, right beside our yard. The employees partied on payday and kept us awake on Friday nights, but oh the morning rewards! It was easy to spot the pennies in the gravel, and a challenge to find a silver coin. We always came back home with a handful of silver dollars,quarters, dimes and nickles. It was a competition, and my eagle eye could spot them. Such a sense of satisfaction.

I know why I click on blogs so often and also reread my own. I feel excited when I receive a response to one of my posts. This morning it feels like I've walked the beach, the parking lot and gone junking with Dad. My friend sent me so many nuggets to discover. Thank you, Syl. You rock! Thanks to all others who post. If you are a regular reader but haven't signed on as a follower, please click on FOLLOW. It won't affect your emails or send you spam. It just shows editors who check my blog that I have a web presence.

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Julia said...

It's nice to know you're not the only one out here, huh?

And of course, you're not. Although you ARE the shiniest silver dollar this side of the Mississippi! ;-)