Monday, November 23, 2009

Kitchen remodeling

Bill and his sixteen year old grandson Kyle, handsome, strapping tall, and hard working, laid a new ceramic tile floor this weekend. Our kitchen is going to look nice when it is finished, but it will not be completed by Thanksgiving, which means I am not cooking dinner this year. The kitchen appliances are crammed into the small living room and I am reminded of a complete kitchen remodeling job I lived through when my children were young. My ex and his buddy decided to do the job. They knocked out dry wall, ripped up flooring, tore down ceilings, took a crowbar to the pantry, well, let me just say that the demolition went fast; they seemed to be in competition. The reconstruction, however took nearly three months as they "worked" on it after work. They measured, cut a board, sat and had a beer, talked about the project, discussed cars, nailed a board, laid a tile, drank a beer, discussed life.

That Thanksgiving, my stove, tarped in the center of the floor, looked like a giant turkey dusted with wall plaster. This year's remodel job would be finished by Wednesday if not for a death in the family which has put the project on hold. Bill's aunt, who we have been responsible for, passed away. The next two days will be filled with family events and a funeral. So by this time next week, my dear husband will be expecting delicious home cooked meals every night.

Ah, the price we pay for remodeling!

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