Monday, May 17, 2010

My response to a safety awareness email

I received an email titled 10 TIPS FOR WOMEN ON HOW TO AVOID BEING ABDUCTED IN BROAD DAYLIGHT. This is my response to that bunch of hooey.

TIP #1 Don’t sit in your car balancing your check book.
Well now, that would indicate that I had a balance in my check book. No worry there!

TIP #2 Don’t park next to a van or SUV.
Hellooo. Every soccer mom out there drives one. Just where SHOULD I park when I run into Wal-Mart, next to Billy Bob’s pickup displaying a shotgun in the rear window?

TIP #3 Don’t open the door if you hear a baby crying outside.
Not a chance I’ll open the door. I’m not taking in any more strays; I’ve had my share of wailing kittens, puppies and babies.

TIP # 4 Your elbow is the strongest part of the body, use it!
Don’t know about your elbow, but mine has a crazy bone that makes my whole arm go numb when I bump it. What kind of weapon would my floppy arm be?

TIP #5 If someone demands your wallet, don’t hand it to them, throw it.
Yeah, uh huh, with the bursitis in my shoulder I can’t even pitch my underwear into the hamper a foot from the tub.

TIP #6 If a person puts a gun to your head and tells you to get in and drive, accelerate; smash into an object. This will deploy your air bags.Okaayy? So the airbag will cradle my bloody head after the impact causes the criminal’s index finger to depress the trigger?

TIP #7 If someone puts you into the trunk of the car,
PUTS ME? Come on, not many criminals could lift this hunk of chunky butt into the trunk without drawing attention to one of us groaning loudly.

TIP #8 If you are locked in a trunk, kick out the tail light and wave frantically.
Sure! You think my flailing arm will actually draw more attention than the idiots who drive around with fake arms and tiger tails hanging out of their trunks every Mizzou game weekend?

TIP #9 Beware of men playing on your sympathy. They might ask for help or drop something and ask you to retrieve it.So what’s new? Every woman knows how helpless men are. We’ve been picking up after them for decades, and now we should refuse to help Pops on a cane?

TIP #10 If someone actually pulls a gun and orders you into the car, RUN in a zig-zag pattern. Odds of being hit are 4 in100 and the bullet is unlikely to hit a vital organ.Oh right! Even the thought of moving in a zig-zag pattern makes my vertigo kick in. Besides if my odds of winning at the casino lately are any indication, my chances of survival are pretty slim no matter which choice I make.


irishoma said...

Thanks for the tips, Linda.

Lisa Ricard Claro said...

Ha Ha! Okay, that was truly inspired writing. Love it.

Bookie said...

I have read this tips many times...but never with a smile! Funny and good job, Linda.

Susan said...

Very funny. No one would ever get me in a trunk either. ha ha ha ha ha ha Sincerely, Susan

K9friend said...

Someone would have to be pretty desperate to abduct me, sexpot that I am.


BECKY said...

OMG Linda!!!! I am rolling on the floor "they" say...ROTFL!! Toooo funny!! By the time I read Tip #10, I was already laughing, before I read your answer!! Me?? RUN?? Zig-Zag?? :o

Linda O'Connell said...

Donna, Lisa, Claudia, Susan, Pat, Becky,
Thanks for your responses; I'm glad you all got a chuckle. I mean, really, someone needed to set the record straight, right? And Pat, that photo of you looks pretty sexy. Watch out!

Beth M. Wood said...

LOVE it. Thanks for the laugh ; )

Lynn said...

Ha ha ha, that was great. Your comments seem to make more sense. This is probably so inappropriate, but I was thinking about the zig-zag run and I'd probably fart or pee myself which would scare the would-be gunner away!

Linda O'Connell said...

You one-upped me with a funny. That's about the truth of the matter too.

Tammy said...

Oh, Linda...I am laughing so hard!!! I've received those email forwards. Yours I would pay to read. You should submit it somewhere!!!

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