Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Cram it in!

Did you ever try to cram too much in? My suitcases burst at the seams and I have to sit on them sometimes. I always crammed for tests, and I work best under pressure or last minute.

No, I'm not taking classes and I'm certainly not packing my bags for vacation. Today I was doing double duty.

Today was one of those crammed to overflowing school days. My goal was to work on skill sheets packets for conferences. At best, I thought I would complete five students' packets, but I kept pushing myself and my aide, and we completed ten out of fourteen packets! THANK YOU, AMY.

In the middle of all this hectic work and  children playing in differen't centers in the room, two therapists (speech and occupational) for two different special needs students came to observe. Then, the doorbell rang, not once but twice. Two different parents with two special needs students wanted to sit in and observe. Amidst all the chaos, they were impressed (?) and enrolled their children. They said I had been referred by two different agencies.

Word must be getting out that a crazy older, high-energy and creative woman and her younger side kick can work magic on prek students. I teach not from a book but from the heart. I think every child deserves a dedicated teacher who will help them overcome obstacles and try to understand their needs, not punish them because they have a few problems.

It's Teacher Appreciation Week, and one of my wonderful students gave me a miniature rose bush.
I do appreciate it, and will be reminded of this child every spring when it blossoms.

Come June 21st I will appreciate my last day of school. But for now, I have lots of ideas to cram into
the last 6 1/2 weeks of school. New students...new techniques to discover so  I can target their needs and learning styles.

My favorite teacher was Judith Alexander, high school English, but there were many good teachers who helped me learn and grow.

Do you have a favorite teacher?


Bookie said...

There are so many left like you, Linda. Too many books and too much paperwork intervene. Maybe others will learn your methods!

I have favorite teachers and some that I merely survived. Even today, over a quarter of a century later those first teachers are with me in mind and heart.

Sioux Roslawski said...

I definitely have a favorite: Mr. Miya. He was my 7th grade English teacher and taught us poetry using Crosby, Stills and Nash lyrics, along with Joni Mitchell's and Cat Stevens'.

Congratulations on being a teacher parents rave about. You write--at teach--from the heart, Linda.

Pat Wahler said...

I had many favorites. Guess I'm lucky that most of my teachers were wonderful!

Critter Alley

Sioux Roslawski said...

Aaack! You write--AND teach--from the heart. (Tell Bill his "666" friend makes LOTS of mistakes. ;)

Val said...

I liked all of my teachers. Except for that substitute with the stringy black hair and hooked witch's nose who hollered at us third-graders for running to the windows of the art room when the first snow of the season made its appearance. "What's a-matter, ya little smarties? Haven't ya ever seen snow before?"

I'm sure you would never do that. You would teach them to make beautiful stained-glass windows out of recycled materials, and seed the atmosphere of your classroom so snow would fall inside. Because you're just that crafty. Still waiting for the announcement that you're compiling a book of early childhood learning activities.

Merlesworld said...

It was a long time ago but I remember most of them, one of my favourites was Mr Ball he was our maths teacher and it was easy to sidetrack him onto other topics which he had a lot of knowledge about, he wasn't the best maths teacher but he was very interesting and we learnt a lot of stuff in his class not a lot of maths.

Connie said...

It sounds like a busy time for you. The rosebosh is a very sweet gift. That's one that keeps giving every year.

Dianna Graveman said...

Congrats to you, Linda. So much recognition for your many talents! Enjoy your last weeks with your students -- but I know you'll enjoy your summer break, too!