Thursday, May 16, 2013

Just my luck!

Sometimes my luck is good, and other times my luck sucks.
Went on a field trip today, and my coworker/driver got a nail in her tire.
She made it back in time to transport us back to school.

Last week before I went on stage, I bought a pair of  panty hose guaranteed not to run. 
I tugged them up and shoved my thumb right through them.

I found a cute pair of fabric summer shoes in my closet that I had forgotten about.
Went to clean them with a dab of bleach and yep, I splashed the rug.

I received a monetary prize from a poetry contest last night.
It was exactly the amount I paid to fill my gas tank today.

My husband offered to take photos of my Listen to Your Mother performance.
He took candid shots, and I look like I've been on a binge in every one of them.

I found a really cute blouse at a thrift store.
It matches the new jewelry my daughter gave me for Mother's Day.

All is good in my world at the moment. How about you?



Bookie said...

Sounds like my whole day! Went to Best Buy only to find out they NOW require appointments. Young man helped me by showing me something I already knew. The Kindle was not their problem then even if they sold it. Home and found site that showed is charging now and I so hope it works!!! Haven't felt well either but tomorrow is another day for both of us!!! Smile!

Kim Lehnhoff said...

I survived my first IEP meeting as a parent mentor.

I have too much work to do, and too many quickly-approaching deadlines to be carefree.

And a promise made to me was broken today...sigh.

Susan said...

Ha! Good and bad is happening to you, Linda.

Pretty good in my world at the moment and I'm grateful.

Thanks for sharing. And thanks for all your visits and comments to my blog. Love them. Susan

Val said...

Even Steven here. I'm as balanced as a black-and-white cookie.

Lisa Ricard Claro said...

LOL Thanks for the morning smile to go with my coffee. :)

Sioux Roslawski said...

Linda--On Saturday the only thing you were overindulging in was joy. You looked lovely. It was Bill's fault. He did the same thing to ME when he created the video of our lake house-writing retreat...he made me look like I swallowed a blimp.

Bill's to blame. Always.

Susan Sundwall said...

Linda - You're out there doin' stuff. That's when other stuff happens. Heck of a world we live in, huh? =0)

Connie said...

Ah, well, at least you have somewhat of a balance between the good and bad.

They don't make hose like they used to, I don't think. It seems like it takes very little to poke a hole through them or for them to run even when they're not supposed to.

I hope your weekend has much more good luck than bad! :)

Janet, said...

Funny,Linda. I enjoyed reading about your luck and lack of it. It happens to us all.