Wednesday, May 15, 2013

St. Louisans, show us what you've got!
Submissions have reopened for a few weeks only for Not Your Mother's Book...On Family, which I am cocreating. You know you have wacky stories to share. Please, submit to the above link.

 Dianna Graveman is actively seeking stories for Not Your Mother's Book...On Being a Mom.

Our July deadline approaches, so please submit soon.


On Sunday June, 2nd at 1:00 I will be doing a book signing for Not Your Mother's Book...On Travel at Main Street Books in St. Charles, MO. Take a Sunday stroll through this quaint little river town with its many shops and restaurants now housed in the former historic homes.

Meet the co creator of this wonderful book. Theresa Elders is flying in from Washington for this event. Please, let's give her a home town welcome and show her our friendly St. Louis spirit.

Also meet local authors who have stories in this anthology: Greg Lamping, Sheree  Nielsen, Sioux Roslawski and me.

Dog the Bounty Hunter will be there on Saturday 6/1 and will probably have 800 people seeking his autograph. We would be happy with 8, 18, 28, 80 people dropping by to see us. Share this message with others, please? Not necessarily about Dog; spread the word about Not Your Mother's Book...On Travel.


Lisa Ricard Claro said...

You Midwest writers are a busy and prolific bunch! Once again my Southern location precludes me from showing support with my presence, but I'll send good thoughts your way, as always.

Connie said...

Good luck with your book signing! I hope you have a lot of autograph seekers show up. :)

Bookie said...

Sounds like you have another fun day on your calendar!!!

Pat Wahler said...

I will try and stop by. Seems like my weekends have become buried in an extravaganza of parties...graduation, birthday, anniversary. Somebody is always celebrating something.

Critter Alley

Merlesworld said...

Hope all goes well.

Donna Volkenannt said...

I'm not sure what I've got going on that day, but I'll make it if I can.

Val said...

Such a conundrum! Spend the day working on submissions for NYMB...or attending a book signing for NYMB.

Sioux Roslawski said...

Dog's going to be there on Saturday? I am going to have to cancel the book signing, because I can't drive to St. Charles two days in a row and my mouth is dripping with anticipation at the thought of meeting Dog the Bounty Hunter.

(I love the look of peroxided hair combined with too much tan on a man. Yum-o!)