Monday, December 16, 2013

Smile makers

Do not take up a collection to replace my pitiful Christmas tree. We used to have a beautiful 7 ft tall tree that took up a quarter of our living room. Over the years, we have downsized. Three trees later, these are the ornaments that remain of all of those delicate, beautifully frosted glass globes. We decided to keep only the ornaments that have sentimental value.
Every ornament on our little 4 ft tree has significance to us. Each paper ornament was decorated by one of the grandchildren when they were little. The paper bell on the bottom far left was made by my son in preschool 37 years ago. The bright blue (pantyhose holder) L'eggs egg with a card cut out of Mary and her baby was made by my daughter in preschool 40 years ago. Just under the angel topper there is a tiny angel dressed in a yellow gauze which used to be Bill's moms, and a mini knit stocking that was my grandma's. Some of the decorations were gifts from friends, family and my students, but most are hand painted and created and mean more than the old expensive ones. 
The tiny glass angel to the left of the nativity scene has a broken wing. When my first granddaughter was 2 she was worried about the "poor, bald angel" who had the light in her eyes from the stable.

Priceless memories decorate our tree, not expensive store bought ornaments. 

Rudolph is motion activated, sings and dances when anyone walks by. He can be annoying after a while. His lady friend came to live with us when the first grandchildren wanted to pick him up. The soft stuffed reindeer has had her bells rung many times, She's been hugged and slobbered on by many babies. I'm thinking Rudy might have sneaked a kiss or two, also. She looks adoringly at him.

That bubble light is as old as my oldest child and takes me back to their first Christmases.

This chubby couple is my favorite. The card held by the mister is from our dear friends of 44 years. The Missus is as happy as can be with her little snow baby. This year every time I look at it, I think of how proud my granddaughter will be when she holds our first great-grandchild next June.

This carved Santa reminds me to slow down, calm down, and remember the reason for the season. The little bear was a gift that one of the grandchildren bought us at their school's Santa bazzar.

These are a few of things in our home that make me smile at this time of year.

Which picture do you like best? Why?


Southhamsdarling said...

Hi Linda. What special memories you have there on your Christmas tree and around. I loved all the photos, and really liked the story that went with each one. As you say, all those precious things are worth so much more than things you can buy in a shop.

Bookie said...

Your Christmas décor is as it should be...full of the past to be remembered and cherished! And fun on top of that!

Susan said...

Hi Linda....That's wonderful your ornaments have great meaning.

I have not downsized (yet) but am happy to know it can be done with happy results.

Love the little Santa the best. I have to strive to be "calm." ha ha

Take care and have a good Monday. Susan p.s. Thanks so much for all your visits.

Pat Wahler said...

Nothing on my tree matches and I like it that way. Each year I add a random ornament that catches my eye. It would totally give a home designer the heebie-jeebies!

Critter Alley

Tammy said...

Very sweet and so familiar, Linda. This year I set out to buy a much smaller Christmas tree, but in the end, I couldn't bring myself to go drastically smaller. Where would I put all of the sentimental ornaments?

Unknown said...

Linda--I like Mr. and Mrs. Snowman the best. It reminds me of you and Bill. The Mister is wearing a hat to hide how white/gray the "snow" is on his head. And the Missus is happily holding a baby--your great grandbaby to be...

Val said...

I like the Snowman couple because they look so happy. Like they could smack the "Bah! Humbug!" right off my lips, and keep on smiling.

Lisa Ricard Claro said...

Thanks for sharing part of your Christmas delights with us. I agree that the best things are those to which our heart is attached. My favorite is the snow people because they're just so darn cute.

Connie said...

Great decorations! I like the tree the best because our tree is also decorated with a lot of memories from the past. :)

River said...

I like Mr and Mrs Snowman the best, although Rudolph and his friend are a close second.
My tree was downsized about four years ago, but I kept all the ornaments and now the smaller tree is totally covered in shiny things. All store bought. I have no tree ornaments that were my mums, sh took them with her when she left us and I have no idea what happened to them. Anything the kids made in school years ago fell apart or they themselves threw them away after Christmas. Not too many memories there, but I'm hoping maybe one of my grandchildren might like to have my ornament collection one day. said...

The last picture is my favorite. Something about that Santa....and the lil bear is adorable, too!
Merry Christmas!