Wednesday, January 13, 2016

Really! It is not X-rated

I have kept a writer's journal for almost 20 years in which I briefly detail my ups and downs, acceptances and rejections. I have never let a rejection stop me for very long. I view rejections as rocks, not boulders. If you consider every "huh-uh" or "no thanks"  a roadblock, you have choices: climb that sucker, find a way around it, or allow it to stop you in your tracks.

One step at a time, whether you're climbing a mountain or detouring a boulder. Never give up. Tune out your inner critic and know that rejection is usually less about you and your writing than it is about editorial needs at the moment.

I have written for inspirational and religious markets, nostalgic, educational and literary publications... a variety to be sure. I never thought I'd write, much less place a risqué poem.

I didn't even like the publication's name. In fact, a blog friend told me "the rat's ass editor was tinkering with my words." In my reply I referred to him as "the rat's ass"' unaware that was the name of the literary magazine seeking women's sensual/ sexual poetry.

This poem came about by mistake. Another writer and I accepted a prompt to write about the ride we've all taken. That night as I was going to sleep, I was watching a Seinfeld episode. Kramer saw a gal with very long fingernails and begged her, "One lap around my back? Just one lap?"

The poem wrote itself as I mapped with "long fingernails" an imaginary lover's body. I submitted it Tuesday morning and had an acceptance that afternoon. After perusing the site, I realize there are some very influential poets being published by Rat's Ass Review. Click on Love and Ensuing Madness.

My poem, Mapping Ecstacy, should be on line this weekend in the Love and Ensuing Madness section. Not autobiographical, folks. If you don't want to wait, let  me know, and I will email it to you.

Talk about stretching my writing muscles. Would you be willing to step this far out of your comfort zone? Be truthful.


Jennifer Brown Banks said...

Congrats, Lin! It all depends. :-)

Pat Wahler said...

I'm willing to try writing nearly anything, although I try to stick to genres that interest me. My children, however, have begged me never to give them a publication that includes any racy content written by their mother. They say it would just be too weird.

Critter Alley

Bookie said...

Such good news for you. The poem is great too and I think you should not shy from reading it to a group! Says she who is still trying to get courage to read anything!

Val said...

You little imp! I'm sure that poem is "breathtaking." I'm glad you wrote it about fingernails, and not about Jerry's spatula.

Connie said...

Congratulations! This is exciting news. I might be willing to step out of my comfort zone. It would depend on the circumstances.

Susan Sundwall said...

I had a sensual poem pubbed in Love Story (now defunct). It was more about longing than anything else. Hey, sensory love exists. In good taste, why not a poem? Congrats!

Sioux Roslawski said...

Linda--Congratulations. I'm sure there is some tall guy in your life who thinks the poem is all about him.

I am so in awe of you... as a writer and as a risk-taker.

Congrats again.

Lisa Ricard Claro said...

Big congratulations AND a thumbs up for stepping outside your comfort zone, although I have a feeling you challenge yourself that way all the time. I think the best writers do. It's the only way to grow. That said, it takes a lot to jump in there with things that fall outside our normal purview. One of my personal challenges for 2016 is to do things that scare me, both with my writing and otherwise. I don't mean dangerous, just personally scary. So far I've done one thing---submitted a workshop proposal to the GA-RWA for the fall conference---and hitting "send" was so terrifying! But even if they opt not to accept the proposal, that's okay. I submitted it. And I didn't melt or explode! lol