Thursday, March 9, 2017

City of the dead and underwater Jenga

We discovered this activity in Cozumel Mexico. The cost is just under $70. We were spectators.

 Advertisement: Stepping into Clear Lounge is like stepping into the future. You’ll feel the weightlessness of the underwater world all around you, while the colorful lights and bubbles, mixed with refreshing, aromatic oxygen exhilarate your senses. It’s a whole body, multi-sensory experience.
You’ll enter Clear Lounge via a vertical ladder. As you descend the ladder, a high-tech Sea TREK® helmet will be placed on your shoulders. The helmet keeps you dry from the shoulders up, and provides a constant flow of cool, refreshing air enriched with oxygen and an aromatherapy scent of your choice. Once you have entered the underwater lounge, you’ll have a chance to:
·    Shoot targets with a high-powered bubble gun
·    Play a custom underwater version of jenga
·    Write and draw messages for your friends on the outside of the lounge
There were lots of young participants.

I am always amazed to find Mother Nature's surprises growing out of a crack in a vertical wall. 
 On our way home, passing through New Orleans, I snapped photos of scenes that captured my interest. I just like the way the trees seem to grow out of Lake Ponchatrain.
 And this picture does not begin to capture the giant wing span of this bird. Six feet, at least.

Cemeteries always fascinate me, and while I have always wanted to take a tour of one in  New Orleans, time constraints prevented our doing so. Cemeteries there are known as Cities of the Dead because of the elaborate sculptures, decorative art work, architecture, and tomb embellishments. New Orleans is built on a swamp, so burials are all above ground. 


Connie said...

That underwater lounge is fascinating. I've never heard of such a thing before. I am always inspired by plants growing from a crack in a rock or in the cement. Makes me think anything is possible with a little patience and determination.

Kim said...

I love cemeteries, too. Love looking at the elaborate tombs, and at the epitaphs on the tombstones. I've never been to New Orleans - I'd want to stop there for sure!

Sioux Roslawski said...

Linda--The underwater activity certainly looks fun. I'm glad your cruise and side-trips were enjoyable. (Surely that bird with the huge wingspan would been capable of swooping down and getting Sasquatch.)

Val said...

Maybe that big bird was looking for some scrambled eggs, and had heard a rumor of who to get them from. Because a little birdie told him!

That underwater activity is not for me. I wouldn't do it if it was free. In fact, I wouldn't do it if I was paid. Not even if I was paid in gas station chicken and 44 oz Diet Cokes.

Susan said...

Well, you do take some fascinating trips, Linda. The underwater lounge sounded very unique. Had to chuckle over your love for cemeteries. Wherever we went, that was one of the first places my Mom always wanted to go. The ones in El Salvador, Central America, were among her faves...done in pastel blues, pinks, etc. Unique. So you and Bill went to New Orleans, too? Awesome. Thanks for your faithful visits to my posts. Sincerely, Susan

Terra Hangen said...

I would like to try that underwater experience, it sounds "out of this world" and could be relaxing; fun to shoot with the bubble gun too.

K9friend said...

I loved visiting New Orleans. There are some amazing plantations about an hour outside of downtown.Sounds


Sandi said...

That is bizarre! It looks like a gameshow underwater. I wonder how disorienting it is? I have a feeling I would last about 20 seconds.

The city of the dead...chilling name. It is strange how we deal with death. Strange isn't really the right word. Every group of people has their way of doing it. But it always seems unnatural somehow to me. When my Father passed he wanted his ashes scattered in the old family cemetery (he came from an old farming community). He did not want a headstone, so we did it his way.

Susan Sundwall said...

One of our granddaughters loves the song about Lake Pontchartrain. Love this virtual tour - looks like a lot of fun!

Lisa Ricard Claro said...

That underwater lounge sounds cool as all get out. I'd love to try something like that!