Saturday, March 18, 2017

My great escape, a cultural lesson

We took pictures of various buildings in Progreso, Mexico. This is an elementary school. Preschool is mandatory. The children wear uniforms and attend for three years. The third year is similar to our kindergartens. There are 35-50 students in a class. OH MY GOODNESS! Recess is unsupervised. Children are expected to work out their own problems. Can you imagine? 

Actually, to some extent I used that approach when I taught Pre-K, 4s&5s. Children usually resolve their own conflicts if adults stand back and step in only to prevent injury. It is true.

Primary schools are grades 1-5, and secondary schools are grades 6-12. They sometimes share the same building and attend half days. It was an interesting concept. Also, after school there are street vendors outside the schools selling snacks etc. 

Our tour guide told us how the Catholic church had a very special wooden cross: the biggest and heaviest. People were gathering for a funeral in this open air church. The guide named all the religions in his town, then turned to look at us and said, "No worry. No Muslims."

That made me sad, and I wanted to say, "Not all Americans dislike Muslims." But I didn't speak up. I'm sure he has his stereotyped ideas, just as we have ours. It is good to learn about other cultures. After all, we are all human with the same basic needs.

This is comparable to the Colonel's chicken in the U.S., and they are all throughout town.
Many Americans travel to Mexico to purchase their prescribed drugs at a reduced price. There seems to be a pharmacy on every corner.
Mexican people are very friendly. Everyone shouted and exchanged  greetings with our bus driver.

He said many Americans retire there, and those who have set up businesses are well-respected in the community.

He tried to persuade us to move there. "You see? Very safe here. You retire, leave America in winter and come here. Maybe you stay, then fly your family in for holiday and send them back home. You have beach every day and have lunch on the beach with locals. Si?"

If that sweet man only knew how much I would love to take him up on his offer. See, reality set in the moment we left the open air double-decker bus and headed back to the ship on a motor coach. That will never happen.

There was an added bonus to this side excursion. As we were driving across the narrow bridge, I was gazing out the window into the turquoise sea, saying a little thank you prayer. A large sea turtle surfaced for a few moments, and I swear our eyes met! It was magical.

Well, now the trip to Mexico is a memory. A fond one, but my toes need sand and sea, not memories.

Heading to a family reunion today. Yes my people are in America, and I could never leave my Liam.

 He went to the doctor with me and his mama to listen to his sibling's heartbeat this week. After the exam, he asked the OB, "Where's your suckahs?"

She said, "My patient's don't get suckers, but I have stickers." That thrilled him.

When I show him beach photos he begs me to take him to the ocean. I hope one day I can.


Sioux Roslawski said...

Linda--Thanks for taking me to Mexico with you. Before your post, I'd never been. Now, at least vicariously, I've seen some of the sights...

Connie said...

It sounds like you had a lovely trip. The beach photo is beautiful.

Bookie said...

I am so glad you got to do this! We all need exposure and escape both. And I am so extremely aware right now that today is all we have...enjoy!

Val said...

What a beautiful picture--of the fried chicken stand! I DO love my chicken!

Now I am thinking about Liam at the beach. He would love it, I bet.

Janet, said...

I also looked at your other post about your trip. Wow, it really sounds like you had a great time! I've never been on a cruise before, one of my sons has been on two. Maybe someday I'll go on one.

Donna Volkenannt said...

You are an international traveler. Thanks for sharing memories and photos of your trip.

Your post brought back memories of living in Southern Arizona and El Paso, TX. We often popped across the border for food, vanilla, tequila, and haircuts. The girls I worked with knew all the best spots for bargains, and lots of people I knew bought their medicines there too.

K9friend said...

Looks like a beautiful place. What a nice vacation!


Lynn said...

My guess is, you'll bring Liam to the beach one day soon!

Susan said...

Cute post, Linda. I'm just catching up. Liam says the darnedest things, doesn't he? What a little precious thing he is. Take care and have a great day today. Susan

Lisa Ricard Claro said...

Enjoyed everything about this post. You hit on a lot of different topics.

I sincerely hope you do bring Liam to the beach one day. The photos will be fantastic. I can just imagine those intelligent (and dreamy) eyes of his lighting up when he sees the ocean for the first time, and since the beach is one of your favorite places, you're just the lady to show him. :)