Sunday, August 30, 2020

Standing tall and proud

Somebody tell me when it happened. My son and his wife stopped by with Nicholas and Nicole. They have outgrown me, both are taller than I am. They are sweet as ever and still like my surprise treats. Today I melted Dove chocolate squares and gave them each a banana to dip in the dark chocolate. Of course I gave them a handful of squares to go.

It really is the little things that mean so much and are often remembered. They both love back rubs, and I hope they never outgrow that special little connection, because I will always be available for gentle loving touch, which matters when words aren't sufficient.

The world is getting crazy. Violence is everywhere, and it is getting closer to home. Yesterday two police officers were shot, one is critical, the other released. There were several shootings, murders, and a home invasion in nice parts of the city where I used to live and work. Places you would never expect.

Nicholas told me his best friend's cousin was traveling home from California, arrived in St. Louis, and was gunnend down in cold blood on the interstate, for no reason. I worry for my family.

And so I arm myself... with prayer.


DUTA said...

Chocolate and back rubs - not bad.
Awsome picture, which emits the love and warmth that Nicole and Nicholas feel for you, and you for them!

Val said...

Oh my gosh! They're all grown up! When DID that happen? Be careful up there. I've been reading about incidents near where I used to work.

Sioux Roslawski said...

I believe Nicholas grew up, but not Nicole. That surely must be a taller (and older) stand-in.

What a proud grandma you must be.