Saturday, June 26, 2021

He's been acting up

This man of mine is a laugh a minute! He twisted his ankle and limped or sat in his recliner while I waited on him all day. I went to bed before 10:00, so he turned off his Netflix flick that has lots of grunting, groaning, and violence in it, perpetrated by a drug lord and a queen. He came to bed early. 

It takes me a while to fall asleep. Not him. He was snoring two minutes after his head hit the pillow. I was watching the news when he shouted, "Come on! Come on! Come on!"

I asked, "ME?"


"Where are we going?"

"To blow up trailers."

"With people in them?"

"No empty. Come on! BLOW. IT. UP!"

I think he watches too much TV. He does not usually talk in his sleep.

Few minutes later he woke himself coughing. I asked, "Are we still blowing up trailers?"

"NO! We did that yesterday." 

At least he's following a time line.


Kathy G said...

Too funny!

Val said...

Heh, heh! At least you are having a fun adventure blowing up peopleless trailers. Hick requested my help while sleep-talking. I asked what he was doing that needed help. "Pulling this wire out of my head."

DUTA said...

"Hopefully, his ankle is well. In my family we're all 'neto' sleepers: no snoring, no sleep-talking, no sleep-walking.

Sioux Roslawski said...

Oh, that crazy Sasquatch. Maybe he needs to watch some other kind of shows, so his sleeptalking and dreams are different...