Friday, June 11, 2021

Readers around the world will soon discover my mom

Chicken Soup for the Soul Navigating Eldercare and Dementia

Parenting a parent, or have a loved one suffering from memory loss? This wonderful book contains 101  inspirational, hopeful, sweet, sad, humorous, and helpful true stories.

Yes, I do read every single story in the books in which I am published. This makes 31 Chicken Soup books where you can find my stories. I am proud to be a part of the CSS family. 

My Story, Social Butterfly is about my mom who did NOT have dementia. She was smart as a fox and out smarted each of her immediate family members when she moved into a senior apartment building. 

Read my story to learn about my mom who was shy all her life, but in her elder years became a social butterfly.  I was shocked to learn she had become a boot scooting deputy. 



Sioux Roslawski said...

Linda--Over the years, I've heard many stories about your mom. She was definitely a character. What a wonderful way to keep her memory alive.

And congratulations. 31 Chicken Soup anthologies that include one of your stories! That is amazing. It's proof that 1) you're a talented writer and 2) you don't give up.

DUTA said...

Your Mom sounds quite a character. Mine was too. I wrote things about her in blog format, not for the public, as I intend to export it in book format. Have never done that before.
I like your profile picture.

Val said...

That's a lot of Chicken Soup! Your stories are always enjoyable, and easily digested! Your "Mom" stories are some of your best.

Susan said...

Love that story, Linda. Your Mom must have been such a good person to hang around with. Thanks so much for your visits and comments on my blog. Hugs, Susan

Red Rose Alley said...

That's wonderful that your stories are in the Chicken Soup books. It's funny how we change through the years. I used to be very outgoing in high school....cheerleader, Class President, participated in school plays. Nowadays, I love a quiet day with no appointments or schedules, watch a good movie, have a hot cup of coffee, and a Yummy treat. That suits me fine. So, it sounds like me and your Mom switched roles. She sounds like a grand lady.


Pat Wahler said...

Congratulations to the Chicken Soup for the Soul Queen! :-)