Monday, May 25, 2009

Taste those tomatoes~

The weather is crummy, but all that rain will make the garden flourish. The tomato plants are thriving, and if my friend Mary B. lived in St. Louis instead of Georgia, I'd save the biggest, ripest one for her. There is nothing like a fresh tomato plucked right from the garden. Speaking about tomatoes makes my mouth water. After a rain, it is as if the vines speak to ME with their own green scent. They're just babies now, but a few weeks from now they'll be gracing my kitchen counter and just about everything I eat.

I can remember when I was 10 years old; my mom and I were visiting a neighbor. We sat outside at her picnic table. She gave us a sack of homegrown tomatoes and a salt shaker. I thought that it was odd when she bit into one and salted it, then ate it like an apple. I tried it. Uhm! To this day I can remember the juice running down my chin, the tangy, salty taste on my tongue. Ever since, I've been hooked!

Hook your reader with sensory detail. If you write the word Tomato, make your reader TASTE it! Have a great day and keep on writing.

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