Thursday, May 3, 2012

Critic/critique be careful and don't self-sabotage

Pill Hill Press is seeking anthology submissions.
I am not affiliated, just passing along information to writers.

I AM ALSO SEEKING SUBMISSIONS FOR Not Your Mother's Book...On Family. Come on folks, tell me your stories.  I believe that you have something worthy of publication. Now, believe in yourself. I'll be glad to assist before you hit the submit button.

Last night at critique group we were awe-struck by one of the member's essays. It was the most beautifully written piece of prose, filled with imagery and senory detail and nostalgia. The topic was summer, and the words were lyrical, poetic, tear-inducing; we all agreed.

And still, this person didn't think her work was worthy.We are our own worst critic.

When you believe in yourself and your work, you present as self-assured. And we all know how unsure all writers are. I often tell myself I am a pretender, yet the publishing credits speak to my success. I am uncomfortable tooting my own horn. But you just have to do it. Toot-toot! Your turn.


Claudia Moser said...

Will do :)

Unknown said...

How fun, sometimes our hardest, toughest critic is the person who stares at us in the mirror!

Bookie said...

You are right, but it is hard to toot own will. Got acceptance for literary journal Oklahoma Review. They took a piece of short fiction!

Susan said...

Hi Linda....You are the most persevering writer I know. Seriously. You are right that so many of us don't think our writing is good enough. Sad but true. Thanks for the thumbs up. Susan

Lynn said...

Toot Toot, you're an inspiration!

Pat Wahler said...

So true, Linda!

Critter Alley

Janet Smart said...

So right, Linda. I'm beginning to feel that way about my children's stories. But I did get an article I wrote put in our newspaper yesterday and on the front page no less. So there, I tooted.

Tammy said...

I'm with Lynn. You're very inspiring, and your encouragement has been priceless to me!