Friday, January 10, 2014

I saw the light, and the neighbors did, too.

One of the reasons I married the big guy was his sense of humor. He's my funny honey, but he overshot the runway this time.

All over town, due to the BIG snowstorm, power has been out, water mains have broken and, well it's been a mess. We're all on alert now waiting for failing electric and flooded basements, as a heavy rain is expected to wash away a foot of snow.

Wise guy was already in bed. I shut off the lights and double checked the door locks. As I came down the hallway a flash of white light nearly blinded me. The overhead light must have blown was my first dumb thought. The light was already off. I flicked the switch and the hall lit as bright as a summer day, (how I yearn for summer.) So, I checked the bathroom. Surely the motion night light wouldn't shoot a beam that bright. No possible way.

Maybe...oh no...maybe it's paranormal activity. Someone died? A last flash as they dashed past on their way to the great beyond? Hmmm.

I walked into the bedroom and stood at the foot of the bed. A commercial was on TV and he was snoozing. Maybe he had been watching a murder and mayhem show and something exploded on the movie. I waited a minute and decided to forget about it. I turned to get my fuzzy socks out of the dresser drawer, and a blinding flash momentarily illuminated the room.

"Bill? You awake?" No answer, no movement. I trotted to the bathroom for my last trot of the night. I pondered and wondered and gave up on an explanation. When I returned, white light illuminated his entire head.

"BILL! No!" No movement.

OMG! Did he die? Then the bed began to shimmy. Is that his soul departing?

That's when I saw the mini LED flashlight in his hand positioned above his head.

He was glowing with delight at my fright, laughing so hard he had to get up. I chased him into the kitchen. I backed him up against the counter, and pretended to beat him about the head with my cloth robe belt. He raised his hands in pretend self defense as we both laughed ourselves silly.

His back was to the window. I had a clear view of the couple behind us standing at their window watching me beat the heck out of the big funny guy. We will now be the talk of the neighborhood.



Pearl said...


Is it weird to say that you reacted much as I might?! :-)


Sioux Roslawski said...

Bill just wanted a woman to chase after him...He got his wish.

Too bad he didn't laugh so hard that he wet his pants. That would have been karma biting him (or dampening him) for the prank he played.

Oh, that Silly Bill...If you don't treat him nicely, he might find another lady to pamper him in the manner he deserves...maybe even another lady writer...

Connie said...

HA! That would have given me a start too. Pranksters like that have to watch their back! When he least expects it... ;)

Bookie said...

Funny, Linda, and glad you still have a sense of humor at your house. But I DO think you guys need to get out more. Ha-ha.

Susan said...

Sitting here at the kitchen table, cracking up over your post, Linda.

You are SOOOO funny. And Bill? Well, he's a wiseguy funny man, too.

Oh, you've GOT to submit that one somewhere.

It's HILARIOUS. Still cracking up laughing. Susan

Cathy C. Hall said...

First, I would've screamed my fool head off--I have been known to wake Dave, just to make sure he was breathing.

But then I'd've laughed, too. (But I promise I would have the SAME reaction to that white light--and Dave would kid me about that forever. To eternity and beyond...:-)

Val said...

It might be prudent to invest in a window shade...

River said...

I do love couples who can be funny together.

Pat Wahler said...

Doesn't Bill know what they say about pay backs?

Critter Alley

BECKY said...

At first, as I kept reading, I thought the "light" was going to be some bright static electricity! Bill definitely is a hoot. And I agree with Val, thinking you might want some shades or something on your window??!! :)

Alice said...

Don't be surprised if those neighbors walk across the street rather than be seen with you two!

Oregon Gifts of Comfort and Joy said...

I am so happy to know that you guys get silly and have so much fun together.

I mentioned you in my blog today, Linda. It is in the first post that I made, so it's the second one in.

Happy New Year!

Kathy M.