Sunday, January 5, 2014

Say that again? Writer's market, too.

GRAND Magazine seeks articles and humorous quips from grandparents.

For a real laugh, especially if you are a grandma, click on this link and then the pop up that will take you to the page.  My friend, Alice Muschany wrote about her three year old grandson commandeering the phone. It is too cute! Her story reminded me of  mine.

It was 1975. I was sound asleep on a Saturday morning. My son was two and a half years old, and he had a little cousin named Jill. I heard him jabbering away on the phone. Back then, the phones were attached to the wall and had long spiral cords. He was pacing and babbling. I heard, "Hi Juh blah-blah-blah."

I wondered how he could dial her number correctly. And then I awoke fully and realized, he couldn't.

I took the phone as he cried, "Want talk to Juh."

I asked, "Who is this?" The little boy on the other end said, "Joe."

I asked him to put his mommy on the phone.


"Hi, our boys have been talking for a while. I'm in St. Louis, MO. Where might you be?"

"Uhmm, we're in New York."

We both laughed, and then I immediately dialed the telephone company and asked them to forgive the charges, which they did.

We are in the midst of an almost historic snow storm, expected 10-12 inches and negative zero temps, 20-40 mph wind gusts. More heavy, wet snow Wednesday/Thursday.

In 1982 we received almost two feet of snow and the city shut down completely. They appealed to the public; 4 wheel drive owners were asked to transport hospital personnel and medicine to shut-ins.
My school was closed for two weeks. Obviously, there will be no school tomorrow. Here we go again.

So far I have had one cup of coffee, and one Oreo cookie at 4 a.m. One more cup of coffee and a small square of prepackaged raspberry crumb cake at 6 a.m. At 7 a.m. bacon eggs and English muffin with pink grapefruit for breakfast. I think I'm better off back in bed reading a book. At least I'll get drowsy and nod off. If I'm sleeping I'm not munching.

Where are you, and what is your weather like? At 9:30 we have 6 inches so far and expecting 1-2 inches per hour until mid-afternoon. Now that sounds like a record breaker to me.



Alice said...

Linda, thanks for the PR on my story. O.M.G. Your little guy called New York? Funny stuff! I remember the big snowfall in '82. I squeeled louder than my kids when I found out my place of employment closed for the day.

Bookie said...

I hear you. We just polished off eggs, sausage, muffins and pots of tea while veg/beef soup is perking on the stove. You know we will inhale crackers with the soup later! We were to have 2-4 inches and have 6 now with it still snowing although radar shows it has moved to the east. Coming your way is my guess. It is beautiful out though...and the street has had little traffic...the quiet is most lovely. Now back to my novel.

Susan said...

Hi Linda....We got six inches of the white stuff. It was 7 degrees outside when I came into the kitchen this morning. It's warming up now, in the low 20s. Heat wave!

I'm back from church and ready to continue tackling the immense job of removing Christmas decor. Woo weeee.

Rain predicted tonight which is fine, unless it turns to sheer ice. Then, I stay in and don't put one toe outside.

Take care and have a nice Sunday. Susan

Pat Wahler said...

Coming down like crazy here. I've been snow-shoveling a path for the dog about every hour. Still can't keep up with it. Ugh!

Critter Alley

Lynn said...

You can guess where I am....

Sioux Roslawski said...

No school for me tomorrow. Yahoo!

Thanks for the information about the publisher.

Connie said...

That must have been some phone conversation! What a cute story! Not snowing here yet, but it is on its way. Schools are already closed for tomorrow because of the cold temperatures they are predicting.

Merlesworld said...

It's 8.30 in the morning, the sun is shinning and a small cool breath of air is stirring, it's lovely at the moment in a couple of hours it will be so hot I will be in the air conditioned shops so I will not mind so much but then I will come home and spend the afternoon under the trees out back sorry to tell you this because I have seen your snow on our news and it looks just so cold, this looks like one of the coolest winters, and yes I would eat a lot if I was there.

Val said...

Ten inches and two days off so far! I think you have an inkling of my general vicinity.

Debora said...

I'm inhe Pacific Northwest-Washington State. It's been clear and cold here for a couple of days. Gets to freezing at night and warms to the high 30's in the daytime. Word has it were getting some rain (no big surprise)this week. I don't mind this weather; definitely do not want the white stuff. Stay warm out there!

River said...

That grandma/Clayton phone story is so cute! apart from the midnight calls.
It's sunny and cool here in Adelaide, a real pleasure.

Tammy said...

Great phone story! Snowed in here, too, but at least I feel like shoveling burned off a Godiva or two.