Monday, January 13, 2014

What could he be plowing?

 This happened yesterday morning when I could have slept in.
My body, mind, and vision may be slipping, but I have acute hearing. At 4:00 a.m. I heard a revving motor. A big, loud, trash truck engine...on a Sunday? Perhaps a repo man hitching up to a neighbor's car in the dark? I am too nosy to wonder. I must know! I went to the front door and saw blinding headlights aimed right at me. I think, Oh no! Not again.

Then the driver gunned the engine and backed a monster MODOT truck (Missouri Department of Transportation) out of our driveway. It rained yesterday which removed most of last week's 12 inch snowfall on streets, sidewalks and especially lawns. There's maybe a foot high snow bank by the mail box, nothing at the curb or in the gutter. The snow is not hampering mail delivery (after five days of no delivery). Our main street is clear.

The guy had his snow shovel down, plowing wet pavement as he swept by a second time. What is he plowing? Maybe HE's plowed? Maybe he's punch drunk from snow removal on the night shift. Maybe I'll go out there and punch him if he flips a U turn in front of our house one more time.
After a drive yesterday, I now think he may have been plowing he contents back into the pot holes.



Connie said...

That is so bizarre! I wonder what he was trying to do. We have an abundance of potholes here, but I don't think a snowplow is going to help fill them.

Unknown said...

You attract ALL the weird ones, Linda.

Maybe he had heard that a prankster was shoveling some s*it at your house, and he was going to haul it away?

Tammy said...

That really is strange! Was going to say maybe too much plowing is better than not enough, but those potholes do beg to differ!

Susan said...

Oh gosh, Linda, and at that ungodly hour of the morning. The dork. Susan

Val said...

I hope you flashed an LED light at him! I wouldn't try the robe-belt-strangle on this one.

River said...

Perhaps he was thinking "they're all asleep so they won't notice me".

Lisa Ricard Claro said...

It sounds like your tax dollars at work . . . a government worker being paid to perform an unnecessary task sounds like SOP. Sorry they had to pick 4:00 a.m. to do it!