Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Clubs and pubs

Here is the link to my latest publication in Tiny Lights, A Journal of Personal Narrative
http://tiny-lights.com/searchlights.php?id=1413 You'll need to scroll down to read my response to the question about discovering my literary roots.

I hope you enjoy my essay. I encourage you to write one of your own.  Speaking of literary roots. When my oldest granddaughter was four, she thought all books were written by children. As I read  Little Red Riding Hood, she looked at me and said, "Nana, don't you think the kid who wrote that had a little violence in him?" She always made me laugh out loud.

So does my hubby. This evening we passed Burger King and read a sign on their marquee announcing the BK CLUB. He said, "There sure must be a lot of lonely people in this world if they're starting clubs at Burger King. What do these people do, sit around and compare how many pickles they have on their sandwiches?" I was laughing so hard I couldn't reply. He took it literally!

Will you share with me briefly, where did your literary roots begin?



Sioux Roslawski said...

Oh, Linda...The publishing credits keep rolling in. Double congratulations.

(Bill better be careful. You might hit him over the head with Burger King's crown, drag him to that fast food place, and leave him there so he can hold court with his stories.

With Bill around, you don't have to make up anything. The stories are delivered to you daily...)

Bookie said...

What a wonderful, well-written essay! I will be anxious to read the Sassee one too! And the Bill story...so darned funny, a club at Burger King. Made my day.

Susan said...

Hi Linda....Enjoyed your essay. You are such a good writer! Your words just flow off the page. You make reading your essays soooo easy to do....like softened butter.

Literary roots? Well, I remember going to the library (called the "Athenauem) weekly with my mother and sisters. We had no money but I always felt rich coming home with fresh stack of books.

I think that's where I learned to love reading and, eventually, writing. (Thanks, Mom!)

Take care and congratulations on all your published works! Susan

Connie said...

I enjoyed your essay, Linda. Congratulations on your ever-growing list of publication credits! The BK Club--hahaha! :D

My literary roots began with lots and lots of books provided for me as a child. Before we ever started school, my mom signed us up to receive books from a children's book club in the mail. When we were school aged, we ordered books through Scholastic from the school all the time. I loved to read and read everything I could get my hands on. I will always be grateful to my parents for so generously supplying us with books.

Tammy said...

Very nice essay. Congratulations! I love-love-love Tiny Lights. Also got a wonderful giggle out of your family's comments. I wonder if the BK Club uses Ronald's Rules of Order?

Cathy C. Hall said...

The BK Club cracked me up!

My roots began at home. My mom was a great reader and constantly quoting books. And now I quote the same books. And so it goes... :-)