Tuesday, October 4, 2022

Hey, Teacher!

 There is something amazing about friendships that survive pandemics, long distance division, and the imminent arrival of a hurricane.

Dianna Graveman, Mary Menke, and I met through St. Louis Writer's Guild. Dianna, a fabulous writer/editor moved to Florida six years ago, and Mary also a fabulous writer, who lives in town, has been busy teaching and editing.

Dianna and I each developed anthologies for Publishing Syndicate and produced titles in the Not Your Mother's book collections. We've done book signings and presentations together at conferences and writing workshops. We are writers who write! 

Former teachers (grade levels from prekindergarten through college) and published writers, we all felt a strong connection.

When Dianna mentioned she was coming in town for a brief weekend stay, we reunited. The best part about seeing our dear friend (and how much weight she's lost) was being able to pick up right where we'd left off six years ago. Now that speaks to our close friendships despite absences and life's ups and downs. 

Schlafly's outdoor patio on a fall afternoon was the perfect place to gather, gab, and grab a bite. 

I have lost so many friends early in life, so I know how important it is to stay connected. I treasure these friends. 

Dianna's family had minimal hurricane damage and now we are all off in our own whirlwinds doing what we do best, writing, editing, living life's crazy ups and downs. 

How do  you foster friendships?  


Dianna Graveman said...

Oh, Linda, I love this! (And thanks for noticing the lost weight, ha ha.) That was the best of times, and I will treasure the memory forever ... at least until we do it again! Thanks for our years of friendship. Here's to many, many more. Love ya!

Red Rose Alley said...

It's always so nice to visit with old friends, especially ones who have been there for you through all the seasons of life. I've had my best friend for about 47 years, and we still keep in touch. That was nice that you got to see your friend, Dianna, recently. And it sounds like you have a lot in common with teaching and writing. : )


Pat Wahler said...

What fun! It's always so lovely to reconnect.

Kathy's Klothesline said...

I suppose my best friend is my husband! I haven't had a good close friend since my children were in elementary school. Just never seemed to click with anyone since. Maybe I am just meant to be a loner.

Kim Lehnhoff said...

I value your friendship, Linda, even though we don't interact very often. I am bad at checking in on my friends...but I feel like I'm going to get better at it.