Monday, October 3, 2011

Mr. Mom or just Dad?

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Two little boys were talking in the housekeeping area (kitchen) on old fashioned dial telephones that really work. When they pick up the receiver the children can speak to one another.

First boy: "What are you doing?"

Second boy: "I'm giving the baby a bottle."

First boy: "Oh great, now we'll never get to go out and play."

On a somewhat related note, we went to get our hair cut this evening and our hairdresser said to Bill, "So, were you a hands-on kind of dad when your kids were babies?"

Bill: "Oh yeah I was hands-on. I picked them up with my hands and handed them to their mother when they needed a diaper change."

I'll never forget, when Kyle, who is now 18 was a baby and hubby babysat. I came home to one frazzled grampy. The baby was wearing jammies that unsnapped half way down the legs.

"I'm sure glad you're home. This is a hazardous material situation and I can't get his legs out."

He handed him to me.

He was a great dad and he's a wonderful grandpa, but Mr. Mom he was not.


Kim Lehnhoff said...

The Mister told me how he worked and came home and "did everything with the kids". So I'm watching baby Russ, and I ask him to change his diaper.

"I don't 'do' babies very well, I like them when they can talk."

Liar, liar, pants on fire for this DAD!

Bookie said...

Thank you for comment on my own blog. Blogger has eaten all my comments this morning...let me try again. Great posts...captures most pappies of this age group!!!

Lynn said...

That's so funny.

Pat Wahler said...

It takes practice to be Mr. Mom!


Janet, said...

They try. My husband used to take great care when he changed the diapers. He was very meticulous, wiped them real good and powdered their bottoms. Then as soon as he was finished they dirtied their diapers again.

Southhamsdarling said...

I loved this post Linda. Loved the story about the two little boys, and the one about your husband. Believe it or not, I have tried to leave four comments on this post (yesterday) and again this afternoon, so I really hope that this is going to work!!!