Tuesday, October 25, 2011

What do you call a female peeping Tom?

What do you think of a grown woman who goes around at night peeping through holes to get a better look at her subject? I'm sure there are laws against peeping, but this gal has pulled some shenanigans that are downright dastardly, if not against the law. In fact, I suffered at her hands; she nearly maimed me for life.

Knowing what I know now about her, I would never get on an elevator with her if it meant she and I were the only ones on it, not to ride to the only bathroom in the establishment, not for a chunk of luscious chocolate, not for a view of a rare Monet. She'd suggest lifting the painting and I mean LIFT, not lift. I can't imagine being locked in a cell with her. My luck she'd put her minitaure monacle up to her good eyeball and inspect my pores, comment on my crooked teeth, mention my hair roots, and the fuzz on my upper lip. I don't need an educated person making educated guesses about me. I am steering clear of this peeper.

Years ago I used to teach school age students, K-6th at a summer day camp. I gave them a first-hand lesson on peeping. My classroom was in the cafeteria which had floor to ceiling windows. I completely covered one window with a roll of white art paper. I then made several eye holes in the paper at different heights. I instructed the children to peek through a hole and write or dictate their observations with as much detail as possible. When you have limited scope of something, it gives you a completley different perspective. It can be frustrating to have such a narrow view, but it can also be enlightening. As a writer, you begin to discover nuance, fine details, textures.

Well, I will allow the official peeper to enlighten you on this. Visit her HEREPlease take a moment to read her post and leave a comment. You will learn how this technique can help you as a writer.


Kim said...

The link didn't work...rats.

I don't think I've had a peeper, but my mother did have a cadre of "spies" (mostly co-workers) - she'd call and ask me what I bought at store X or why I was eating at restaurant Y.

When I moved to CA, I realized how nice it was to have a private life.

Unknown said...

Your post reminded me of something my mom used to say. She told us kids she had "eyes in the back of her head" and knew what we were doing at all times.

Linda O'Connell said...


Cathy C. Hall said...

I seriously thought you were being clever and talking about yourself. And then I read that bit about the bathroom...I would ride with Jack the Ripper if that was the only way to get to the bathroom. (I kind of a bathroom thing.)

Oh, wait! Thanks for the tip! LOVE it.

Terri Tiffany said...

Going there now!

Tammy said...

LOL...I thought you were talking about yourself, too. Cool how you both did similar kinds of lessons. Beautiful.

Lynn said...

Funny. I too, thought you were talking about yourself. And I'm with Cathy - I'd ride with anyone if I had to get to the bathroom!