Sunday, December 18, 2011

From our home to yours

We have downsized our tree, and now it is perfect for us and our small home. In the past we would have to move furniture, take out a recliner and a table in order to display the six foot tall tree. Now, we put this plump little tree on an end table and I hang the ornaments that are senitmental to us. I gave the delicate, red, green and clear, frosted ornaments to my granddaughter.

These handmade ornaments made by the grandkids mean more to me than crystal ones. The little heart with the two chipmunks swinging is a gift from hubby on our first Christmas.

This angel is a reminder of my late mom who had so much love in her heart. After all, Christmas is all about love.

I love snowmen. Bill made the largest one years ago for me. I have collected the others over the years. These are on the top shelf. There are five more shelves, but the one that makes me happiest is the man in the Norman Rockwell reproduction. He reminds me of my late dad.

My stuffed snow family collection came together over the years as I found one here and one there at thrift shops and yard sales. They make a nice blended family.

I recently found this cute little guy at the Goodwill store for $2.00. He just happened to match a candle snuffer that I already had, and they look happy to be together.

It is the meaningful messages on the candles and figurine that mean the most to me.
May you and your family feel the peace and calm, love and joy that is Christmas.

Which is YOUR favorite?

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