Saturday, December 31, 2011

Happy New Year, good-bye old deer

Happy New Year to one and all. Celebrate sensibly and have fun. God bless you all in the New Year. Welcome to my new followers and thank you to my regular and occasional readers. I do appreciate all of you.

Beware of those resolutions!
Yesterday morning I poured myself a cup of coffee, reached into the bottom of the snowman cookie jar and gasped. I knew it would happen sooner or later, but I thought I had a couple more days left. "Someone" beat me to the last cookie so, I raised that rotund snow dude to my mouth, and dumped the peanut butter cookie crumbs onto my tongue and allowed them to dissolve slowly, deliciously.

"That's it! No more, I am going to behave myself," I said just before we left to have brunch with friends. I had an omelette, fried potatoes and English muffin with jelly. Well crap! I'd fallen off my wagon before I ever hitched my horse.

Later in the day, I ate a bowl of whole grain cereal, and towards evening when my hankering started, I told myself to behave. I popped a handful of green olives. That wasn't satisfying, so I retrieved my favorite healthy snack, an individual serving size cup of Del Monte Ruby Red Grapefruit in its own juice. I love that stuff. I once read that grapefruit juice causes you to burn calories.

I was heading to the fridge for a double dose of calorie burner when I burped. Lordy, something fermented in my gut; it was like corn pone whiskey shooting up my espohagus. Not that I would know, I am not a drinker but that stuff had kick. That belch was like a jet propelled explosion.

People, heed my advice, never ever layer these foods in your gut.

Reminiscing ...
When granddaughter Ashley, was three, my mom was babysitting her on New Year's Eve. I called her at midnight and said, "Grab a pot and spoon and go outside and bang on it and shout, 'Happy New Year. Go away old year.'"

She was a very bright little girl with above average language skills.

"You want me to really go outside and hit him with a pot and spoon and yell, 'Go away old DEER!'?"

Life can be confusing no matter how old you are. Bring in the New Year any old way you want, then tell me all about it. It is supposed to be 60 degrees here, so I am taking a hike, but I'll be baaaack.

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