Friday, December 16, 2011

Thank God it's Friday

TGIF! (Thank God it's Friday) The kids are wound up, and I am winding down. There's one little girl who talks like a Chatty Cathy doll with high powered batteries. No, she's more like a See and Say toy with its string being continuously pulled. Then there's the little boy who I guarantee you is at the top of Santa's naughty list, but his mommy and daddy thinks he wears a halo.

There's one certain little girl who stole my heart the day she was born. She loves her pink cowgirl boots as much as I love her, but sometimes she gets a bit confused. I'm drilling her on the Christmas story everyday as we drive to school.

"Which baby was born at Christmas?"


"No, Baby J-."

"Jason!" she shouts her daddy's name.

"No, Baby Jesus, and his mom is named?"

"Mary! And is dad is Jofuf."

"Yay! You got that right!"

"So, Nana, Jesus is a superhero and angels are fairies?"

"WOW! Look at that giant blow up Scooby Doo and snowman on that lawn."

My husband snored at deafening decibels last night. When tugging the blankets off him and poking him in the ribs didn't wake him, I tossed from my left side to my right and back again. On the cruise ship, he liked the swaying movement. Hmm!

He mumbled, "Having a little trouble sleeping, are we?"

"WE sure are, because YOU are snoring like an old bear."

"Am not, ssssnuuuuuuggghhhhhh." He didn't miss a beat and went right back to sleep.

This morning he swears it never happened. My pillow and blanket on the couch are proof that it did.

I just devoured a pancake, (because I have devoured all of the cookies) and as I was smothering it in syrup, I looked out at the bird bath and shouted.

"Bill, come quick, put on your clothes!"

"What?!" He came running.

"Go outside and unfreeze that little sparrow stuck in the frozen bird bath, poor little thing."

He looked at me. I stared right back, eyebrows arched.

"Go! Please. Go help it."

"You need help. That's a big leaf sticking up out of the frozen bird bath."

With that, I spun away from the window and kicked my left foot with my right big toe and nearly tripped myself carrying that flat pancake. (Not fat, FLAT. As Flat Stanley. It didn't rise to the occasion like I did."

Toodle loo, I am heading off to school. TGIF!(Things Gotta Improve Fast)

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