Friday, December 23, 2011

Holiday hoots

As Hubby and I fought the maddening crowd this morning we had a few laughs.

Sign on a chiropractor's office: Ninety Minute Peppermint Massage (maybe it's legitimate but we used our imagination and cackled a bit at the candycane jokes).

Sign on a car next to us: Holiday Special, Back Hair Removal $15.00 (Talk about entreprenuership) Bill's wise crack, "Hans Weiman restores hair and this guy removes it. They ought to go into business together."

I said to a forty-something year old, female cashier in a retail store, "I'll bet you see it all."

"You wouldn't believe it. This guy came in yesterday dressed in women's clothes and high heels and brought the girl I work with, who he doesn't even know, flowers and candy." She lowered her voice and looked around. "Today he came in dressed like a man and tells her he is looking for a lesbian lover. And she's got the nerve to look over at me. Oh Huh-uh, honey! I told her to quit talking to him. Yes, I see it all."

She rolled her eyes at me, shook her head, and I almost choked laughing so hard.

There was a two car wreck on the corner as we were darting to the grocery store. We came home half an hour later figured the mess would be cleaned up. There was a four car wreck, same spot, different tow truck and emergency vehicles.

I'm taking a nap; this traffic and crazy stuff wears me out, or maybe it's all those cookies making me sluggish.

Come back tomorrow for my poem, A Contemporary Verison of 'T was the Night Before Christmas

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