Saturday, June 6, 2009

Now you know...

Last evening we went to Austin's game. That kid is a slugger with dreams of making the pros. That would be awesome! Then, I wouldn't have to crash the gate like I did in the '82 World Series when the Cards were rocking the stadium downtown. In the 8th inning, I drove the kids downtown, satisfied to stand outside the stadium and be a part of history and just listen to the game. When a group of teenaged gate crashers plowed through, I tugged my daughter and SON by the hand and we hid out in the women's bathroom until the coast was clear. Then we proceeded to the seats. The cheering reverberated off the buildings downtown. My ex was personal auto mechanic to some of the team players who came to our house, but we still couldn't get tickets. Didn't stop me! We watched St. Louis go wild that night. Now you know Miss Linda's naughty little secret.

Please keep my daughter-in-law, Jackie Wenzelburger, in your prayers. Emergency Surgery today, back to square one and unknown prognosis. Doctor says her eye condidtion is rare, and it's like a train wreck; he can only deal with one thing at a time. She's blind in one eye from birth and in her good eye the retina detached in a couple other places, all stemming from a viral infection which attacked her eyeball a few weeks ago. Today they inserted a silicone bubble behind the eye. Thank you one and all.

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