Friday, June 12, 2009

This and That~

It's always a nice surprise to find my work on the internet when I least expect it. I discovered an essay that was published in March in the Suburban Journals. The editor did not notify me when it was published. So, seeing that brought a smile to my face. Seems like I've smiled a lot today. My 8 year old grandson, Nicholas, came to school with me this afternoon. He drew my picture and wrote an essay about me: "I like my nana because she is nuts(his version of a compliment). She likes to take me places and she gives me blueberries."

I LOVE IT and I will treasure it forever.

He is his daddy all over! On the way home he said he was going to set his alarm for 6:00 o'clock because his girlfriend was leaving to go back to Minnesota and he wanted to tell her good-bye. He is the sweetest, most caring kid. "GIRLFRIEND!" I said.

He replied, "Yeah, I met her this week; she's visiting the people who live behind us."

I told him they could be pen pals, and he asked me to address an enevelope for him to give to her so he could be sure to hear from her again. The boy has a lot to learn. Puppy love is so cute. The minute I dropped him off at home, she ran to the fence and called to him. I couldn't help but smile.

Then my daughter-in-law received good news from the doctor today. It appears her eye is healing, but she is still on bed rest for another week with limited vision, all out of focus. I bought her a pair of strong reading glasses and I nearly cried when she said, "I can see your face again."

I have a lot to smile about and a lot to be thankful for: family, friends and faith which sure gets shaken during a crisis, doesn't it?

The sun is heading over the horizon and I am heading outside to take an evening walk at 8:00 p.m. So many of my prayers have been answered. I feel like I can breathe deeply again. It has been an exhausting week. I'm going to inhale the night air and drink in the neighborhood aromas. Toodles.

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