Monday, June 29, 2009

Tammy is Tops!

T'Mara Goodsell is an absolute gem, good friend and great writer who read my novel and gave me feedback. She said "Some books I can take a little of each day, like a V-8, and some I have to pig down all at once like chocolate cake. Your book is cake." That is the highest compliment! Thank you Tammy.

Last evening Bill and I went to Carondelet Park for a free concert. Aw, the weather was beautiful. We enjoyed the band, Fanfare, and we also enjoyed watching the colorful characters in the park. Did you ever sit and watch someone and make up details of their life story? Maybe it's just the writer in me.

Well, I have to go look in the mirror, point my finger in my face and say through the toothpaste, "Woman, you have two days to submit 7 more things!"

It has been a very hot, harried June and my submission calendar is sparse, but I will do it!


BECKY said...

oh man....I feel like such a bad friend.... :-(
Hopefully, you know I'm not! Just a goof-ball with a terrible memory.... one of my many faults......I'm printing the first 20 pages right now!

Goody2 said...

But remember, I amended it to being more like a torte, because a torte is richer and not fluffy! ;)