Saturday, June 6, 2009

How I spent my birthday~

What a fantastic 60th birthday. I stepped on the scale and rejoiced. As of today, I have officially lost 15 pounds. Didn't want a party. I celebrated just the way I wanted to. We woke early and went to two big subdivision yards sales where my friend Julia lives. Got some really good buys! I received so many birthday cards and well wishes; the grandkids called and sang happy birthday, as did friends from Boston.

Then, we went to Harrah's for lunch. Had fun playing; made a $20 donation, as expected. Lunch was awesome. I couldn't decide between turkey or oriental chicken, so I had both! Sabotaged my weight loss with a mini chocolate eclair, a slice of chocolate cream pie and a little square of gooey butter cake.

I bought a book, sat outside on the patio and read all afternoon in the warm breeze. This evening, Bill and I held hands like two old sweethearts and walked a mile around the subdivision. I silently whipsered to heaven, "Mom, Dad if you're with me, send me a dime." By golly, on the way home, as we rounded the corner to head down our street, their was a shiny dime right in our path. Today was a treasure.

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Julia Gordon-Bramer said...

That's so cool!

It was lovely to see you. And just so you know, Tom said, "Wow. She has lost a lot of weight. She looks terrific!"

That's my ten cents. :-)