Sunday, December 13, 2009

Doug did double duty to earn his dole this day!

Left to right: Tammy, Linda, Becky

I left my winter coat in the car, and even though it was 35 degrees and I was wearing only a light fleece, I was willing to walk the six blocks to the restaurant along South Main Street in St. Charles after our booksigning. But No! Despite my protest, Becky spied Doug pedaling past in the opposite direction, and she flagged him down. The poor guy gave a quick look over his shoulder to assess the situation (ahem, our sizes), decided he could haul us in his single seat surrey bike and hung a U turn. We laughed so hard trying to fit three of us onto a seat built for two. Our behinds overlapped onto one another and Becky's derriere hung off the edge as a big red bow flapped in her face. Becky, you had a great idea!Thanks for the fun experience.

Tune: Jingle Bells
written by Linda O'Connell

Dashing down Main Street in a surrey built for two,
past the shops we go, giggling like three fools.
Becky took her seat, Linda hiked her big butt in
Tammy plopped on Linda's leg and did the fun begin!

Doug on bicycle pumped, straining all the way.
"Oh what fun it is to ride on this Christmas holiday!
Pedal hard, pedal hard, pedal all the way.
These gals had better tip me well, that's all I have to say!"


BECKY said...

Sooo much fun!!!

Lynn said...

I like your new Jingle Bells song!