Monday, December 28, 2009

Chicken Soup seeking devotionals

Here I sit at the computer, four days until the new year, looking at my December submission calendar. I have sent off eight pieces for possible publication. Realistically, I know that like much of the clearance merchandise at the mall, my essays will not be snapped up.

But readers, just because you don't publish everything you submit, it doesn't mean it is not publishable. It's probably that a particular piece doesn't fit the editorial needs. See, I KNOW this, but when those negative messages creep in: I'm not that great of a writer. They won't take a second look at this!... just remember that somewhere an editor is looking for your particular work. Patience pays off.

I have a short inspirational essay that I have repeatedly "reshelved" for eight years. Here I go again. My mind is filled with doubt. The call out is Chicken Soup for the Soul, Devotional's for Mothers, 600 words or less, including a Bible verse and a short three sentence prayer at the end. Here is my self-speak today, "Dummy,
they are looking for stories for mothers! You are a GRANDmother. BUT this particualr story is relevant to moms the world over." So, as I send my story into cyberspace, I send up a prayer that maybe one day in the New Year I will be blessed with a contract for $100 and ten free copies of the book. That's all any freelance writer can do: write, hope and pray. If my story comes back, I have an open space on the shelf just waiting.

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Pat Wahler said...

Hope you get good news! I'll keep my fingers crossed!