Sunday, December 6, 2009

You never know what you'll find

I Googled my name in quotation marks and discovered a nice little surprise. In October, I had entered a fun, no fee contest on the VERB's web site, Reading Writers. The contest was to write an essay about a song without using any words of the song. So I wrote an essay about one of my favorites, The Final Acclaim, (You're In My Heart) by Rod Stewart. The website listed my name and entry, Last Declaration of Love, as one of the first round finalists. No compensation; only the first place winner was published in their print version lit mag. My thesaurus came in very handy for that little project.

This weekend we bought new end tables and a smaller Christmas tree. We live in a small ranch house, and in order to have our 7' tree, we always had to move an end table out for the month. We opted for a smaller, 4' bushy little tree which sits upon one of the new end tables. I also decided to get rid of half the decorations, and I must say, I am very satisfied with the outcome.

Snow! NO!!!

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