Saturday, December 26, 2009

God Bless Grandchildren

In my grandchildrens' faces I see the past, the present and the future. In their blue eyes I see possibilities as endless as the sky, dreams undreamt, dreams fulfilled ... MY dreams come true! In their individual personalities I see distinct reflections of their mothers and fathers. I see my genetic code in their teeth formation and hair so thick it makes hairdressers and barbers cringe.

In Ashley's and Nicole's laughter, cries and squeals, I hear echoes of my thirty-nine year old daughter's resounding little-girl giggles and sobs, and I remember how my mom came to her rescue every single time, because she was "Nana's girl".

As Austin and Nicholas chase one another and wrestle until one of them gets hurt, I hear the echoes of my thirty-six year old son's little-boy boasts, grunts and groans and remember his daredevil antics.

When I look into their eyes, I can almost see the thread that weaves a connection through the generations. In the formation of their upper lips, their fingernails, their expressions, kindness, inner beauty and souls -I see my children, my brother, my parents and my grandparents, and yes, I see myself. Their strong will, determination and fierce declarations of independence they inherited from me!


Anonymous said...

Beautiful children, Linda!

Pat Wahler said...

So cute. Sigh. Right now all I have are grand-dogs!