Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Hugs to you, too

The weather in St. Louis (middle of US) has been so bizzare. Yesterday it was mid 70s and today we are under a tornado watch and expecting snow tomorrow. Unreal!

Hubby likes watching storms brew over the ocean. I like being inside when the lightning shatters the sky. Speaking of ocean, thanks Kim for sending me the FB message: My body may be here, but my mind is at the beach. SO TRUE!

I love it when I find a treasure on the beach as I'm walking in the sea foam. It's the same way when I latch on to the perfect word or phrase when my fingers are heating up the keyboard. I am so busy trying to keep up with blogs, Facebook, Twitter and the book I am co creating. PLUS teaching my little darlings.

I am not neglecting you, and I will get back to regularly blogging, soon. Hugs to all my readers. Thank you for standing by me during this busy time.


Bookie said...

I could "feel" your busyness, Linda. You have a lot on your plate...writing of any kind takes time and you have a plate full right now.

Our weather...same as yours! FINALLY we got some rain. Raining right now but I think we are about at end of tornado watch for us...I think the weather affects us more than we know, jumbles our insides. It has been on my mind so much lately. Then...this morning...darkness, warnings, wind...wind like the day of the F5 tornado...hard NOT to think of it....

Hope you get lots done inside today!

Susan said...

Hi Linda....Isn't it amazing how weird the weather is? And some people don't believe in global warming. ha!

I can totally identify with busy, busy, busyness. Oh man, sometimes I even wish there were more hours in the day.


Val said...

Thank goodness the freezing temps are making their return just in time for my parking lot duty tomorrow! Conditions that raise my comfort level would seem unnatural.

Lisa Ricard Claro said...

Our weather is nuts, too. We froze over the weekend, and then yesterday it hit 70. Rain today.

When we lived in Key West I was at the beach with the kids one time and a storm came in. Huge, black clouds that rolled over the water. It was beautiful and a little terrifying. By the time we packed up and got to our house it was pouring buckets. But watching that storm come in is one of the most beautiful things I've ever seen.

Connie said...

Hugs back to you too! :-)

Lynn said...

Geez, how do you do it?