Friday, July 10, 2009

Aqua marine

My favorite color, aqua marine ~ my shorts, my tank top, my flip flops, the sky, the water, oh my ... I am in heaven. I'm never coming home.

I just heard from an editor that one of my stories has made the short list and if the publisher doesn't reject it, it will be included in Little Super Heroes. My super hero, Jason is now 35, still a super hero, juggling his family, work and supporting his wife as she deals with her vision loss. Through it all, he has never lost his faith. Dealing with an 18 month old squealing baby,and 7 year old boy has caused him to almost lose his mind a time or two, but he's an awesome son who will always be my little super hero zooming on his toy motorcycle. These days his motorcycle is more thing for good old mom to worry about.

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Shannon said...

Just thinking about you and hoping you are having a nice break from school. It appears I am correct (from your blog entries). Crazy to think summer is half over and the little one will start kindergarten sooner than you can say, "Now just hold on a cotton-picking minute for me to take this all in." Hope to see you soon.
-Shannon Sowell