Saturday, July 18, 2009

Walk a mile in your own shoes~

9:00 p.m. Saturday

This weather just isn't right! It is July 18th and it should be 90 degrees. Instead, it is overcast and in the 70's. Today, I sat wrapped in a blanket at a barbeque in Eureka at my coworker's cabin on the Big River. It was nice to see old friends and make new ones. More so, it was fun to laugh loud and long with my former boss about old times at summer camp. On "water day" we used the gym mats without permission. Yes, fifteen year ago, I actually allowed the children to toss their yucky tasting green Jello onto the mats and use the mats as a 'slip and slide'. Oh the fun they had with that lime slime. Sorry phys ed teacher. Now you know why the mats had that strange lime, musty, wet odor when school resumed in the fall.

I have been writing a memoir of vignettes about all of the surfaces I have traipsed on: ice, snow, sand, grass, paths etc. Think of a surface you have walked on and write a thought or two about a memory associated with it.

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