Sunday, July 19, 2009

The way kids think~

We visited grandchildren today. Nicole, the baby, a year and a half, is a wild child. Nicholas 7, had three friends over, and he wore a name tag on which he'd printed, THE BOSS. Enough said? Madison, 12 and Sean 10, just returned from vacation out west and were anxious to share travel tales. Morgan, 9 was dissatisfied with her haircut and pouting. All of the kids took turns holding 13 month old Kayden. Kyle, 16said to Sean, "Quit picking him up. Don't you get it? If he's close to the floor he can't fall and get hurt!" Grandpa joked, "Don't you just want to duct tape his diaper to one spot on the floor?" Kyle replied, "Grandpa, I'd ruin the floor." KIDS! You have to love them!

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