Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Friends and fellowship

Yesterday I met with L, a writer friend at a little cafe in Maplewood. The food was yummy and our time together enjoyable. I should visit more neighborhoods; there are delightful little nooks like this all over the city and county. I suggested a 'writer girls' getaway/retreat with dozens of us women, so we can all gab at one time instead of planning these hit or miss get togethers with one another that conflict with everyone's busy schedule. Anybody? Ideas? A day, an evening, a picnic, more than a lunch? Pajama party? Campout? Ha!

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BECKY said...

Linda....I LOVE that idea!! Maybe we could look into a weekend thing...at maybe a Bed & Breakfast and be really pampered!! Wouldn't that be great?? In fact, I just thought of doing that by myself... sometime this fall! Send out an invitation to all those you want to come along! I'm there....unless you do camping! I am NOT a camper, unless it involves an RV !!