Thursday, July 2, 2009

Speaking of sitting ...

Good grief what a day of running; I feel like I've been driving in circles. We went out to breakfast and then to Bread Co. for lunch. I babysat, ran too many errands, convinced someone to take the turtle, and I taught a senior citizen writing class. Our lesson: starting a sentence with an "ing" word changes the focus and weakens the sentence: Sitting at the table, she didn't see the man with the gun.

Do you really want to focus on "sitting", or would your sentence have more impact by mentioning the gun first? The gun wasn't visible from where she was sitting.

I sat outside this evening and had dinner with my honey. We enjoyed the birds in our backyard. We have so many varieties. The mockingbird chased a squirrel all over the yard. It was comical. A pair of mourning doves got frisky. The bright red male cardinal defers to his mate who flies into the garden first to nibble a tomato. Blue Jays squawk like crazy. But the funniest sight I've ever seen was the baby robin who waddled across the ball field at a grandchild's ball game and stopped the game! Then the fuzzy headed baby hopped up on the bleachers and chattered at us. I'm sure Bill's tweeting confused the poor little thing; it was listening to its mother in the tree overhead.

Our fat little resident chipmunk, who bravely waddles across the patio must have gone off to birth that big belly full. She is the fattest chipmunk, and we haven't seen her for a few days.

I love sitting out on summer evenings just as the sun nods away. My senses seem keener; my mood mellows, and my prayers seem closer to heaven. Please keep my daughter-in-law in your prayers; she received news today that she has a cataract on her eye and the retina is again detaching in a couple small places due to the virus/infection she contracted a couple months ago. She is filled with despair. Pray for healing and also that angels surround her and uplift her, so she can get through the next few months with a positive attitude, until the doctor decides the next course of action. The silicone bubble must remain in her eye for another 2-3 months. She has very limited vision; it's like looking through a straw. No wonder she's miserable.

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