Monday, April 20, 2009

Blast from the Past

I wrote a memoir for my high school web site. Boy was that a blast from the past. The webmaster said she liked it so much, she hoped to post it on line as well as in the newsletter.

We girls used to buy those cheap Hill Brother's shoes. Their slogan was plastered across the front window: Man Alive, Two for Five! We sure got what we paid for; they didn't last a month, but those flats came in every color back then...okay,if you must know,the mid '60s. In those days we cashed in glass soda bottles for 2 cents and nickel deposits - spending money for Savor-ite Restaurant, the Gravois Show or Schmeimeyer's Drugstore on Jefferson & Gravois. Many of us alumni are sliding down the slippery slope of 60 this year. Unbelievable!

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