Monday, April 13, 2009

Recovering from Easter

If chocolate has mood altering chemicals, then that's why I'm still hopping happy!
As everyone was leaving our house yesterday, my 7 year old grandson Nicholas, said with a smile on his face "Nana, I LOVE it here at your house." I asked what he loved and he threw his arms wide and said, "EVERYTHING!" He's a charmer.

I donned my fuzzy pink bunny suit and paraded around the front lawn while the kids hunted eggs. We live on a busy street. Drivers passing by honked; I had as much fun with little kids in cars as I did with our grandchildren. The baby slept through most of the activities. She woke in time to let the giant pink bunny hold her.

I feel nostalgic on holidays when the family is gathered together. Our oldest grandchild is 19; I remember all of Ashley's firsts and can't believe she's an adult. Each of our nine grandkids have given me so many fond memories.

I really missed my mom this year. Every holiday she used to pace and look at her watch thirty minutes after she arrived, or she'd 'sneak' outside to smoke. My favorite Easter memory of her: 1981, it's a warm, breezy, sunny day; she's strolling in Carondelet Park, hand in hand with my step dad, her hair dyed reddish-brown, her dark green silky dress flowing in the breeze, a big smile on her face as my little girl and boy run ahead clutching their stuffed bunnies. That image of her is so comforting.

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